Now it's easier to know when it's time for in-home support

lifeAssist celebrated the launch of its much-awaited Online Needs Assessment Tool.

This free tool helps older people and their families to know when to start exploring in-home supports.

For many older people, it is not until a "trigger event" such as a fall, medical emergency or similar event makes looking after themselves difficult. This can lead to decisions being rushed and the choices made not necessarily being the best options available.

The tool consists of 25 simple questions, taking around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. All the questions are multiple choice and take a user through a typical day.

By getting information about a typical day the tool is able to determine whether in-home supports are needed for an older person immediately, in the near future, or if the older person in managing fine.

The questions can be completed by people who want the information for themselves, or completed on behalf of an older person by a family member, friend, health professional or other concerned person.

The tool also allows users to utilise the Cost Comparison Calculator which shows users the likely funding they would be allocated by the government for a home care package and the contribution they would be asked to make by Centrelink.

The Cost Comparison Calculator also shows compares a government funded homecare package to self-funded services, where some users may find that they are better off self-funding the in-home services they would like.

All financial and person information entered is private. It is not stored or recorded in any way.

lifeAssist hopes that these tools will encourage older people and their families to prepare for the future and to ensure they have a solid plan in place to ensure they and the people they love are able to stay in their own homes.

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