Client Committee

The Client Committee is made up of lifeAssist clients and performs a vital role in providing direct, ongoing feedback about the experience of the people we support.

About the Client Committee

At lifeAssist we regard it as vital that we hear our clients' voices, respond to their needs and to receive their input about our services and how we deliver them. This way our services truly cater to the needs of our clients. The Client Committee aspires to be representative of all people who receive services from us, including carers and advocates. It aims to give them the opportunity to meet with others, discuss common concerns and take action. Participation in the Committee is entirely voluntary.

The Benefits of a Client Committee

By having a client committee, ALL our clients benefit by the:

  • representation and contribution to lifeAssist to ensure that its services fully meet the needs of clients.
  • recognition of clients’ rights and an increased sense of control over issues which affect clients’ lives.
  • increase in confidence and ability to express concerns and views, and to make recommendations for action.
  • opportunity to be better informed about issues and to gain knowledge.
  • opportunity to meet with other clients to discuss common issues and take action.
  • role in addressing the relationships between clients and service providers.

We benefit by:

  • Helping us set priorities about areas of improvement that matter to clients.
  • Providing an opportunity for joint problem solving between professionals and clients.
  • Providing an opportunity for lifeAssist staff to further improve client supports.
  • Contributing to continuous improvement in the quality of services.
  • Giving us greater credibility when advocating or lobbying Government.

How to get involved and have your say

We would love to have more people become involved with us and strongly encourage clients to consider a role on the committee as a member. Meetings are held on a monthly basis. The only requirement is that you are recieve any of our services, or the carer or advocate of a client who does.

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