Clients Voices – real people, real stories

TELLING your story to other people is a powerful act. For some people, simply knowing that someone else is going through the same troubles brings immense relief and comfort.

Over the past few months, lifeAssist clients have told their stories to camera. This project is called "Client Voices".

We have uploaded these short stories on to our new YouTube channel, ready for others to watch.

For many of those participating in the Client Voices project, their motivation to tell their stories was to help others in similar situations – to inspire, inform and assist.  

Not all of these stories are happy ones, but as one of our Clients, John, says so profoundly: "The journey is an important part of who you are."

On behalf of everyone at lifeAssist we express our heartfelt thanks to those clients who have shared their stories in Client Voices in the hope of providing help to others.

Visit our YouTube Channel and watch the Client Voices stories today.