Dreams big and small

Bridget is a bubbly 8 year old who loves to draw, read and learn. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This limits her physical activity, so for leisure she enjoys sitting at her table to make things with her hands, playing board games and using her iPad.

For people with cerebral palsy, maintaining a good posture helps muscles stay healthy. If muscles become tight, this affects mobility and independence. Ideal posture prevents the need for orthopaedic surgery for tendon release.

It is important that their seating provides positioning that is good for both health and function. Research shows that a straddled or saddle-seat posture improves postural control.

Bridget had outgrown her current chair that she used in her work and play space. This meant that her posture was not supported well enough to be able to comfortably do her drawing, learning and playing.

The Realising a Dream fund assists lifeAssist clients to achieve a specific dream or goal. The fund makes a real difference in people's lives – big and small. Bridget received a saddle stool through the fund, thanks to generous donations.

"Bridget received this saddle stool with the kind assistance of lifeAssist and it has made working at her desk so much easier. Using it for schoolwork, computer-work and even just drawing and colouring, her posture is much more upright which makes her more stable. Stability is the key where Bridget is concerned, freeing up her hands for better fine motor control. Thank you lifeAssist for helping Bridget achieve this goal... her rainbow drawing skills have improved out of sight! "
– Nikki, (Bridget's Mum)

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