Green thumb Harry gets a hand

Our Realising a Dream fund has assisted Harry in his great passion: gardening.

Wheeler’s Hill resident Harry Mason gains much pleasure and relaxation from gardening. He enjoys looking at his garden from his porch and seeing the work he has done. He likes being outside and the exercise which gardening provides - it keeps him healthy and fit.

However, he has been unable to maintain garden beds at his retirement unit. This is because he is unable to reach his plants easily. He has taken a couple of falls trying.

He has had to rely on his neighbours or carer to maintain his garden. However, Harry wanted to be able to do this himself.

Our Realising a Dream Fund has helped Harry rejuvenate his garden, helping him to realise his dream of living in a home with greenery outside.

The fund has helped him raise the level of garden beds and purchase long-handled tools.

This mean that Harry doesn't have to bend over all the time to tend to his garden, reducing his risk of having more falls. He feels happier now that he can better manage and maintain his garden safely.

We are sure that, with his green thumb, he can make anything grow.