Help to pursue their passions

Often, the activities we love become hard to pursue as we age – sometimes because we must care for someone, or sometimes we need care ourselves.

Audrey is a keen knitter and likes to be surrounded by wool. Over the years she has knitted many colourful squares and donated some of these to people in need overseas.

Her husband, David, enjoys walking his dog, Buddy, on Altona beach.

Audrey and her husband, David realised that they needed support. They were introduced to lifeAssist in May and requested in-home respite service from the lifeAssist Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Care Relationships and Carer Support program.

Together with their Carers Ageing Consultant, Janice, they put together a plan. One of their goals within the CHSP program was to take up some previous interests that they have not been able to pursue.

Through the program Audrey was introduced to a support worker who has similar interests. They completed a knitted blanket with 70 squares, of which Audrey is proud and keeps on her spare bed.

Knowing that Audrey is at home enjoying the companionship of the support worker, David is able to take a break from his caring role. Rain, hail or shine he enjoys taking a walk with Buddy.

“I’ve always liked the feeling of freedom and relaxation walking on the beach, seeing Buddy enjoy himself and it’s a great help knowing that Audrey is getting help to do her hobbies," he says.

If you care for someone, or if you need support in your own home, there are many options available to you – both government-funded and self-funded. Call lifeAssist today to discuss how we can help you live a better life in your own home for longer.