Homeshare - Connection and Friendship

HOMESHARE is a program helping older people stay independent and in their homes longer, and lets homesharers live rent free.

In lieu of rent, the homesharer provides up to 10 hours of practical assistance around the house, helping with tasks such as gardening, housework, pet care and meal preparation.

Homesharer, Leah, 32, was matched by UnitingCare lifeAssist’s Homehsare program with Householder, Adelle, 79.

Leah is studying a PhD and didn’t want to live in typical student accommodation.

“Saving on rent is helpful, but I like that I get to give towards someone’s life,” Leah said.

“When I moved to Australia I lost my connection to the older generation through my grandparents. Being a homesharer has given that back to me.”

According to lifeAssist Homeshare Coordinator, Jeremy Picknell, a homeshare agreement is more than people sharing a space together.

“A homeshare agreement is special because it is about the connection and friendship,” Mr Picknell said.

“It is win-win for both parties. The householder benefits from the practical assistance and the security of having someone live with them and the homesharer enjoys sharing the home of a mature person.”

A householder is carefully matched with a homesharer who suits their personality, needs and preferences.

After a 4 week trial living period, the two enter into an 11 month Homeshare agreement with regular lifeAssist monitoring.

“I recently matched a householder who valued his own space and privacy, and only needed a little help with meals and cleaning, with a homesharer who had a busy day-time schedule,” Mr Picknell said.

“Both were pleased with the match because the householder had his own space in the day time and the assistance and security of a homesharer at night.”