Homeshare finds Dianna her first housemate... at 91

On Sunday April 9th, viewers of Channel 7's Weekend Sunrise got to meet two lifeAssist clients.

Dianna and Piumika are lifeAssist Homeshare Clients.  They are both incredible advocates for Homeshare which is why they have jumped at the chance to tell their story on national television.

The story covers what Homeshare is, who it helps, and how it tackles the twin issues of helping to keep older people in their own homes (from a householder's perspective) whilst also addressing housing affordability.

Reporter Jessica Tancred has described Dianna and 'Mika' as "a perfect case study and a really lovely story".

Watch the story on the Sunrise Website

If you would like to know more about Dianna and Mika, their story was featured in the December edition of The Bugle.