Help after Hip Surgery

Jill had just undergone a hip replacement surgery and was preparing to return home.

"I was very anxious about returning home after hospital," said Jill.

Jill lives alone with minimal family living close. She needed some assistance to ensure she was supported at home.

A mylifeAssist consultant met with Jill at the Angliss Hospital to discuss what she needed to feel comfortable returning home.

Jill acknowledged she was worried about her physical limitations and whether she would be able to care for herself on discharge.  Before the operation she had been receiving services through her local council which would be reinstated when she returned home, however these were limited due to the demands on their services.   

Together, mylifeAssist and Jill explored options to ensure Jill would be able to manage when she returned home.

What Jill felt she needed were:

  • Transport home from hospital.
  • Personal care supervision-monitoring for safety and to provide reassurance.  
  • Someone to take Jill to do her weekly shopping
  • Being taken to do her banking and pay accounts as this was her preference of payment, and
  • Transport, as Jill wasn’t able to drive post-surgery.

As the discussion continued, mylifeAssist helped Jill think about her return home in more detail.  Being discharged from hospital meant Jill needed more than just a ride home.  We were able to arrange someone to provide:

  • Transport home
  • Assist Jill into her home
  • Unpack belongings
  • Buy any groceries needed
  • Complete any washing that needed to be completed
  • Any other duties Jill hadn’t thought of, and
  • Most importantly, to ensure Jill is settled and comfortable before leaving
  • plus all of the ongoing support Jill had already identified.

Over the next 6 weeks, mylifeAssist remained in regular contact with Jill as she adjusted to cope with her medical and rehabilitation appointments and the process of adjustment to the impact the surgery had had on her, both emotionally and physically.

Jill was happy with the support she was getting.

"Brilliant service as you helped me through that difficult period... The carer provided was absolutely lovely and a perfect match for me. I can’t thank you enough for all your help."

At the conclusion of the 6 weeks of service and support, Jill no longer required assistance from mylifeAssist but expressed how grateful she was with the support she had received.

"You people were marvellous... Your service helped emotionally, practically. It’s not restricted.  It’s the type of care what’s needed in the community... When I called and was stressed, I was given all the support I needed... I honestly believe you saved me."