Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC)

About CRCC Services

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) provides emergency and short term support for carers and their families. lifeAssist offers CRCC services to families residing in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. This program is supported by the Australian Government. 

CRCC and other carer support agencies offer special events and recreational activities throughout the year specifically for carers. This also provides carers the opportunity to speak to other carers and build their networks of support. See also: frequently asked questions about carers

lifeAssist can provide short-term assistance and link to longer-term supports.

In-home Respite

This is where a care worker attends your home and looks after the person you care for so you can take a break from your caring role and/or spend time out of the home.

Overnight Respite

Where the person you care for spends a night or a weekend being cared for at a respite cottage.

Community Access

Care workers can also take the person you care for out for a coffee or on a special outing in order to give you some time to yourself in the home.

Centre-based Day Respite

The person you care for may be able to attend an activity group one or more days a week which can then provide you with a break from your caring role.

Residential Respite

This is useful if you are requiring respite for an extended period, for example if you are going away on holiday or recovering from illness. In this case, the person you care for has a short stay in an aged care home or supported disability accommodation whilst you have a break.


For more information about the types of respite available to carers and how to access them, or any other Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre services, phone our CRCC team on 1800 052 222.