Meet your new Client Committee

We extend a warm welcome to our Client Committee members who have joined us in 2017, and thank you to those who have taken on the role for another year.

What is the Client Committee? The Client Committee is made up of lifeAssist clients and performs a vital role in providing direct, ongoing feedback about the experience of the people we support. It aims to give them the opportunity to meet with others, discuss common concerns and take action. Participation in the Committee is entirely voluntary.

At lifeAssist, we regard it as vital that we hear our clients' voices. The Client Committee aspires to be representative of all people who receive services from us and aims to give our clients the opportunity to meet with others, discuss common concerns and take action.

Meet the members of our Client Committee

Faye: It is great to be able to give back to an organisation that has assisted me with my disabilities. My parents cared for me during my life and we had never received any assistance. In 2002 the roles started to reverse as I cared for my Mum. This gave me an insight into the caring role. I also needed to find supports for myself and lifeAssist came to my rescue.

Alexis: I am a passionate person for positive change for people who have a severe physical disability. I joined the Client Committee to make a difference, note change and to represent people who have a severe physical disability who feel that they don’t have a voice. Opal (my assistance dog) and I enjoy comradeship and lasting friendship with past and present committee members.

Kathleen: The assistance from lifeAssist my husband and I received over many years was invaluable. We discovered that finding our way through the system in order to access this assistance was incredibly complex. I hope by joining this committee, I can help to make access to support services more straight forward.

Iris: I am a qualified Pharmacist, but had to give this up to care for my husband, Stan. We had assistance from lifeAssist which was a wonderful help. I joined the Client Committee to try to help other people in a similar situation to myself and to try to let people know what help is available. I like being on the Committee and associating with others who have similar aims.

Melinda: I joined the Client Committee to be a voice for carers living with children with disability and/or a mental illness. I believe there is much that can be done to help support families through education, empowerment and connection. When I find the time I like to read. I always say, no matter where you are you always have a friend in a book.

Noni: I am happy to have joined the Client Committee. After my husband’s passing I had the feeling that I could help to others in my position. I have been a volunteer tutor of arts for the past 22 years and I have met many people with anxiety and questions about their future needs. Helping people to negotiate the many channels of support is one of the aims of the Client Committee.

Shivanee: I am a transgender woman with a strong Christian faith. I love meeting people from all backgrounds and culture, learning from their diversity. At the present time, I am trying to set up a transgender group in the City of Monash and surrounding suburbs. I have been involved socially with the community and social secretary on committees over many years.

We would love to have more people become involved with us. Contact your lifeAssist Consultant to learn more about joining.