Pastoral Care at lifeAssist

At lifeAssist, our focus is not only on the physical needs of those we support, but also on their spiritual needs.

We’re proud of our roots in the Uniting Church of Australia and our involvement in the UnitingCare network. Our Pastoral Care Program was created in acknowledgement of this connection, and in recognition that there was a gap in our other services. For many Australians, the church provides an important source of support and community involvement, and the opportunity to worship and gain spiritual fulfillment.

Who can access pastoral care?

Pastoral care is available to both staff and clients and aims to meet your needs. You will be listened to and deeply attended to, whatever your issue may be. Grief, unresolved issues from the past, moments of conflict at work or in relationships or just the sense of being overwhelmed.

What to expect

Our Pastoral Care worker doesn't have all the answers but you can be sure you are in a safe place to discuss your concerns, worries, troubles or even share your joys. Anything you share with the Pastoral Care worker will be held in the strictest confidence and gently explored with you. Through conversation new ways can be found to move forward or help make a problem become manageable.

While Christian Pastoral Care may involve prayer this is never imposed upon you if you prefer not to. Other faiths are respected and people who profess no faith are just as welcome to meet with the Pastoral Care worker. After all, spirituality can mean many different things to different people. Each person’s sense of belief and faith is taken into account.

As part of the Pastoral Care process, staff will offer to have follow-up conversations with you and to provide ongoing support if you wish. 

More information

If the Pastoral Care worker feels that professional counselling might be of benefit she will offer to explore such avenues with you.

To contact us about the Pastoral Care program, please phone (03) 9239 2500 or  email our Pastoral Care worker Siew Kim Lim.

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