Pursuing my passion

Thomas has a dream to be a photographer – but without a laptop, his dreams were stalled.

Through the many generous donations to lifeAssist's ‘Realising a Dream’ fund, Thomas has been able to purchase a laptop.

Before, Thomas has felt isolated from friends, unable to connect with them. Study for TAFE was more difficult without access to the internet.

But now, Thomas uses the laptop daily to assist with photography course, now in his second term, at his local community house.

His creativity is being nurtured with the advanced tools he can access on the laptop to view, edit, share his photos.

His confidence has soared, as he can now connected with like-minded people who both share his passion for photography and help nurture his growth in the art.

Although a laptop can seem like something small, an item many Australians own, it has made a world of difference for Thomas.

Without the donations given to lifeAssist's ‘Realising a Dream’ fund all this would not have been possible.

"I would like to thank you for suppling the funding for me to have a laptop. This is a big help with my current TAFE studies and it helps me to work with my photography." - Thomas