Torin’s dream: summer of pool play

Pool play has been a dream of 8 year-old Torin, who has heard his three siblings laughing and squealing through summer days in the back-yard pool, or playtime in the bath, but not been able to participate.

Torin has a history of Polymicrogyria resulting in Cerebral Palsy with a moderate Spastic Tetraplegia. He also has a bilateral hearing impairment with a severe receptive and expressive communication disorder.

He requires the use of bilateral cochlear implants to hear and a multi-level communication book to communicate his needs.

While the cochlear implants enabled better communication, they had also impaired play because they can’t be work in water - until the Realising a Dream gift of Cochlear Aqua accessories.

The aqua accessory now allows Torin to wear his implants in, under and around water for up to two hours and maximise his opportunities to be totally included.

“Torin works really hard with all of his communication methods and the Cochlear Aqua gift would totally reinforce his goal of being able to communicate at all times,” wrote Torin’s lifeAssist Consultant Lisa Mooney in applying for the Realising a Dream gift.

Not only does the Cochlear Aqua accessory enable play, it also means Torin was able to hear and communicate while having rehabilitation in water following hip surgery in December.

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