Young Carers expect the unexpected

YOUNG CARERS attended a three day camp with the theme “expect the unexpected” – and it was hard to guess what was going to happen next!

Oversized games and interactive art was followed by a Mad Hatter’s Tea lunch. The Mad Hatter performed magic tricks which left our Young Carers guessing: “how did he do that?”

A backstage tour of the Arts Centre and trip to the ‘Channel’ provided hands on experience exploring sound inventions. The Young Carers learnt how to turn everyday objects such as fruit, cutlery, coins and drawings into interactive musical instruments in a practical workshop.

However, the camp was more than fun and games. Over the three days, the Young Carers were encouraged to use their creativity and develop their sense of adventure and imagination. They were asked to cooperate in a group and build a positive team culture. In addition, the activities supported our Young Carers to build their individual confidence and improve their communication skills.

Through the focus of the camp, the Young Carers had the opportunity to reflect of self-identification – how they saw themselves through self-expression and how they would like others to see them. The Camp provided a fantastic environment for the Young Carers to express themselves and the opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of the performing arts.

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