Help create lasting change in your community

We believe that older people, people with disability and carers shouldn't need to rely on donations for their day-to-day needs. But that doesn't mean we still don't need your help!

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

There are two ways you make a donation to lifeAssist:

  • The Realising a Dream fund assists clients achieve a specific dream or goal. From purchasing Cochlear Aqua accessories to help a child swim, to buying a teenager a new suit so they could attend their graduation, the fund makes a real difference is people's lives, helping them participate in the community.
  • If you donate to UnitingCare lifeAssist, you are helping us create new programs, fund new research and test pilot programs which help us make a 'good like for all' in Australia.

Ways to donate:

  • Online
  • Cheque by sending your cheque to our Head Office, payable to lifeAssist
  • Electronic Funds Transfer, Account Name: lifeAssist Account Number: 035 597 732 BSB: 083 214 Reference: Donation
  • Over the phone using a credit card, please contact us on 9239 2500.

Please let us know if you would like a receipt for your tax deductable donation and we will arrange to send one to you.

Wills and Bequests

By making a gift to UnitingCare lifeAssist in your will you can help ensure that our staff are able to continue supporting the wider community. Your gift can make a lasting contribution in the lives of some of our most vulnerable community members.

Memorial Bequest Envelopes

It is quite common today at funerals that families request donations to charity be made in the name of the departed loved one, rather than bringing flowers. lifeAssist has Memorial Bequest Envelopes available just for this purpose. Contact us if you would like a number of these.

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