A Fond Farewell - Thanks to mylifeAssist

A mylifeAssist Client Story

Ben and Betty have been married for almost 70 years. You can see the connection they have by looking at them – Ben still looks at Betty the same way he did when they first met. 

Although Ben and Betty chose not to have children, they have chosen to stay close to some amazing friends. Their best friends Richard and Tahlia live in interstate and would do anything for Ben and Betty.

Betty is in remission from cancer, and recently was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s. She struggles to put sentences together. Ben’s connection with Betty is strong. He patiently listens to his wife, and is ready to help her finish her sentence if she cannot find the words.

Tragically, Ben was diagnosed with a physical disability two years ago. He cannot walk without his walker. Although Betty struggles with memory, she is physically fit and helps Ben with his mobility.

“Betty is our doer, I am our thinker,” Ben says. “We work together, like we always have.”

Although life has held difficulties for them, one of their greatest joys is the house they designed and built many years ago. It is a big property with views in every direction.

The couple love their home and garden. They breed farm animals, which they love to watch grow. Every morning they wake up and listen to the birds.

“Life is very beautiful when we are at home,” Ben says.

Three months ago, Ben was rushed to hospital after a fall. Unable to stay at home by herself, Betty began respite in a residential care facility. When Ben was discharged, he was able to stay with Betty in the care facility to undergo rehabilitation.

Although the care facility was providing for their needs, they longed to wake up and hear the birds. They wanted to be able to live in their home.

The Manager of the care facility was reluctant to allow Ben and Betty to return home permanently. He said that due to Ben’s deteriorating health, and Betty’s Alzheimer’s worsening, returning home would not be safe.

Ben did not take no for an answer. He told the Manager that he and his wife wanted to go back home, even if it was for a short time. They needed closure, to say goodbye to their home, to tie up their loose ends.

After consulting with a doctor, the Manager understood, and was positive that they could return home for a week if they had 24-hour in-home support.

It was here that Ben and Betty’s best friends made contact with mylifeAssist. They contacted consultant Rebecca and asked how mylifeAssist could help.

Rebecca met with Ben and Betty to understand their needs and their story. She then set about making their dream of returning home a reality.

Ben and Betty were able to self-fund the in-home support, including personal care services. However, they were not able to fund the 24 hour monitoring which the doctor said they’d need to return home.

After discussions with Richard and Tahlia, they agreed to travel interstate to live with Ben and Betty for a week. They would provide the 24 hour monitoring which the doctor requested.

Within 24 hours, Rebecca had arranged all personal care services needed. Ben and Betty had requested a male carer, which Rebecca found.

“No two cases are the same,” says mylifeAssist coordinator, Rebecca. “Getting Ben and Betty back into their own home was the top priority. A mixture of self-funded services and support provided by their close friends was a win-win situation for everyone.”

Ben and Betty were able to return home through the personal care support and Case Management provided by mylifeAssist, and the 24 hour monitoring provided by Richard and Tahlia.

After having the time to say goodbye to their home, Ben and Betty returned to the care facility permanently. This is the start of another chapter in their lives together..

“We are grateful that mylifeAssist made our dream come true,” says Ben.


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