Hunter realises his dream

HUNTER IS sixteen years old, and at a young age was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through the Realising a Dream Fund, Hunter was able to purchase an iPad, greatly helping with his communication.

The Realising a Dream fund helps provide grants directly to clients to help fund one-off items and services which will help them realise a particular goal or dream.

“Years ago, Hunter used cards with pictures to communicate his basic needs. iPads were not available then… (since purchasing the iPad) Hunter is more verbal,” said Sonia, Hunter’s mother.

The iPad gives Hunter the tools to explore his gifts and talents. He is very skilled creatively, and being able to own an iPad has improved his communication and creativity.

Sometimes, people with ASD have difficulty with language skills and understanding what others say to them. An iPad is an invaluable tool to assist with communication.

Not only is the iPad a portable device, it also has a touchscreen, meaning that people don’t have to move their eyes from a keyboard to a screen.

iPads also have many useful apps for people with ASD. It breaks information down into small chunks and topics, is full of imagery, rather than words and can help people communicate in their own individual way with family and friends.

For Hunter, this means that he is able to extend his communication skills and creativity, enjoying the language apps and creating and telling his own stories.

“Hunter is a very visual person and learns this way. The iPad has provided lots of visual stimulus for Hunter. Using iMovie, Hunter has been able to make his own version of Thomas the Tank Engine. He also loved superimposing my head onto the dancing Christmas Elf," said Sonia.

“Hunter loves music and music has been crucial in helping with Hunter's language and alleviating his anxiety levels. Hunter loves the piano aps on the iPad and creating his own sounds. The iPad has also helped in lowering his anxiety whilst travelling on the school bus," said Sonia.

“The iPad has been an invaluable source in Hunter's education and a great source of fun and creativity for him," said Sonia.

“Thank you to all who give to the Realising a Dream fund. It has given Hunter the opportunity to own an iPad. I hope others like Hunter get to realise their dreams too," said Sonia.

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