Carer Hub Forest Hill Launches

lifeAssist celebrates the opening of our NEW Carer Hub in Forest Hill, providing support for carers in the Eastern Metro region.

The Carer Hub is a welcoming space for carers to meet with other carers. Carers can connect with other Carers, learn new activities and skills, and find information and links to other supports. This is all provided in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The Carer Hub Forest Hill is for eligible carers living in the Eastern Metro Region who provide care to a person who is living with a mental illness, intellectual disability, autism, or severe and profound disability.

The focus of the Carer Hub Forest Hill is to support carers as prepare and transition the person they care for into the NDIS.

We have many activities scheduled in the lead up to the Eastern roll-out of the NDIS, including:

  • Support for Carers to write their Carer Statement
  • Support for Carers to write their Carer Goal Plan
  • Plan My Future workshops
  • Follow-up Plan My Future Sessions

Please see our Carer Hub event page for session times and dates.